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House for £1People complain that the wages in the UK haven't kept up with the increase in the costs of things. Well, I see your valid maths and raise you one example of that not being the case!

Houses in Liverpool are going on sale for £1, yes, £1. God knows how they're going to get the buildings inside Poundland, but still.

The houses are in need of much repair and are in a run down part of town. Or as the estate agent puts it:

"These spacious Victorian terraced houses offer two bedrooms, bathroom, half a kitchen and great access to nearby criminals."

They're in the Granby Triangle area in Kensington, Liverpool, and were originally part of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott's plan to destroy thousands of homes across the country. The plan was to knock down houses like that and build new ones. But it was only the first of the plan that really happened. They knocked down some houses, didn't build enough new ones, and the scheme failed. It's not the first time John Prescott has done something like that. He only really got to grips with the first part of bulimia.

It's a good plan because you're only allowed to buy a house for £1 if you show you have the DIY skills to actually work on it. That means I wouldn't be allowed to own one, unless they were OK with most of the house being made of Bluetack and electrical tape.

Ah, so that's how it works. I was wondering how you make a house so cheap that you could sell it for just £1. I thought the only way to do it was to change the U to and R.

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