A Ban On Screaming Children

Screaming ChildrenThere are so many things that could make this world a better place. If we stopped spending money putting handles on doors you have to push open, we could be out of this recession and no longer would be look like an idiot trying to leave a room.

And if we made failure to use your indicators on roundabouts a hanging offence we'd all be happier.

Finally one news story tells us of an obvious improvement to the world that has finally happened. A shopping mall in Australia has banned screaming children. Excellent. I hate it when you're shopping and you see some child on the floor throwing a tantrum, and we just have to pretend we don't mind at all. And the reason I hate it is because I don't get to throw a tantrum like that. It's not fair.

Oh, some 4-year-old has a massive strop while shopping and no one dare say anything in case it upsets the mother. But if 6'2" me lies down and cries for a bit the security guards are called. That's blatant ageism.

In a move which has outraged many parents, the Dee Why Grand shopping complex north of Sydney has told customers screaming children "will not be tolerated". That's harsh language but I assume they'd just be asked to leave. Although putting it like that makes you think they have invented a death ray.

The shopping centre banned screamers after receiving complaints about children becoming too loud near the centre's play area. They put up a sign saying: "Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre."

They have a point. If your child is screaming you should tell it to sush because the noise is probably upsetting nearby people. It's the audio version of what you should do if your child is smearing it's own poo on the floor. You should tell it to stop, and don't just sit there chatting to other parents just because you have learned to ignore it.

It's interesting that it's only the screaming while having fun that's been banned. They haven't banned children screaming because they're in danger. So while some people think this shopping centre has an old fashioned view it's better than the BBC in the 70s.

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