999 Police, Ambulance... Bean Bag Removal?

Fire-fighters got a 999 call to rescue a bean bag from a roof.

The poor bean bag. If I spent my life having people's bums shoved into me I'd probably think about jumping too. (Who am I kidding, I use the London Underground, I do have people's bums shoved into me.)

Six crew were sent to rescue it after a member of the public said it was "hanging precariously".

Wow. One of the softest and comfiest things in the world. If it dropped on you you'd probably get a nice sit down out of it. What a bloody waste of the fire service's time. They are there to respond to emergencies, such as fires, not pointless issues like this. So people, please. If you spot a bean bag on a roof, don't just call 999. Set fire to it first.

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