Chris Huhne Remember's Guilty

I turned on the TV earlier to see Chris Huhne addressing the press after he pleaded guilty to perverting course of justice over his speeding fine. And as each photographer's bulb flashed on him, I saw the irony.

The former energy secretary admitted he persuaded his ex-wife to take speeding points for him in 2003. That's perfect. If ever there's a job for a man who's good at talking others into taking point they don't have to, it's the job where you're in charge of our Kyoto responsibilities.

He had claimed he was not guilty right up to the point that the trial started when he suddenly remembered that he was guilty. A lying politician. No one is surprised. A man who persuaded his wife to do something. People are shocked.

As he left the court, Huhne said: "I pleaded guilty today. I am unable to say more while there is an outstanding trial. But having taken responsibility for something which happened 10 years ago the only proper course of action is now for me to resign my Eastleigh seat in parliament."

Well, the proper thing to do could've been not lie, not get your wife to take your points for you, or, god forbid, don't break the speed limit in the first place.

The charges relate to allegations that in 2003 he persuaded his then wife, Vicky Pryce, 60, an economist, to take speeding points so that he could avoid prosecution.

Since then, they separated and she went on to play the role of Steve in the TV show American Dad.

Pryce has pleaded not guilty to the charge on the grounds of marital coercion.

She took the points for him in 2003, but it wasn't till he left her for Carina Trimingham, a woman 14 years younger than her, in 2011, that she told the police what he's done.

Granting Huhne unconditional bail, judge Mr Justice Sweeney said: "I will deal with your sentence on a date to be notified. It is essential that you attend, on that date. You should have no illusion whatsoever as to the sort of sentence that you are likely to receive."

That means he's going to jail.

Or rather, someone who looks like Carina Trimingham in a suit will turn up to do the time.

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