No Saving Us

The i paper tells us, "One in six Britons has no savings".

That doesn't apply to me. I have savings. OK, it's just 200 points on my Tesco Clubcard and 5 stamps from Nero, but still, it's something.

The Government want more of us to be saving for the future, but why would we take financial advice from the people who just balls up a AAA credit rating? Our credit rating is now so bad the only place the UK can borrow from is Wonga.com.

The newspaper also says, "8 million adults have nothing put by". I believe the full phrase is "put by for a rainy day" but if rainy days actually cost us money we'd be even more screwed than we are.

One in three adults is not saving currently. How are we meant to save, we've had years of prices going up and wages not. That's like making us live on the Slimfast diet and then moaning that we are not bulking up.

One third of those that have saved have accrued less than £1,000. Well, we have less than a grand in the bank. There's a difference. Maybe people have been saving up a little money but not wanting to put it in the bank. Many people don't like the banks because of what they did. They'll keep their money under the mattress, until Benson's For Beds cause a global meltdown.

So basically, the newspaper is saying we don't have a lot of money and we aren't in a position to save any money. But at least I write this site using a newspaper that only costs 20p. That's a step in the right direction.



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