Eurozone You're O'Broke

Eurozone crisisWow. Jut in case you didn't feel poor before, we're having another financial crisis.

Many of the UK banks have reported losses which led some to say we tax payers may never get the money back than we lent them.

So, the banks took the money we invested in them, gabled it, lost, said, "Oooh, we're out of money, help!" So we gave them more money, which they lost and now they're saying, "Oh well, we're not paying you back."

That's bad, but what bothers me more is that the bank still chain those pent up. Like we're the ones stealing from them!

The Eurozone isn't doing very well and we're feeling the pain. The FTSE 100 was down more than three per cent as panic swept across financial markets.

It looks like Italy might need a bail out soon. It's because their economy has ground to a halt ever since they stopped Berlusconi paying for sex.

There are also worried that Spain will be next. But we might only just be seeing the start of the financial problem as today we get to hear the US unemployment data, and if that is bad the markets may take another hit.

This is the first time I have forgiven them for sacking Cheryl Cole from the American X Factor and replacing her with Nicole Scherzinger. At times like this it's US jobs for US people.

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