Exam Success

"Give priority to pupils with tough A-levels, says minister."

Why not? That's what's going to happen if they go on to gain a degree. If you have it in a proper subject you'll probably get a good job, if you do a degree in skateboarding you might not find it useful in your PWC application.

But it seems harsh to mention it. Pour the cold water of reality onto these kids next week, let them enjoy their results. And they got good results. It was another record-breaking year for A-level; one in 12 exams achieving an A* grade.

Yeah, a lot of kids got A*. But I'm up in Edinburgh right now, so if you only get "A*" you must've done a rubbish show.

Having said that, up in Edinburgh there are more students here than are trying to get into university. You can't move for some young faced person singing while moaning about some human rights issue somewhere. Oh it's fun.

Back to the exams. Overall this year, the pass rate rose for the 29th year in a row, with 97.8 per cent of A-level entries receiving at least an E - up from 97.6 per cent last summer.

How is it that so many students are so clever they can sail through exams, but have you ever met a teen? Some of them don't realise that if you have a cap on your head you don't also need to put the hood up.

And if they're that good at subjects like maths why can't they work out which number is their size in jeans so they don't hang half way down their legs?


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