What Your Lips Say About You

Big LipsA new scientific study says the shape of your lips could determine how much you enjoy sex.

Yeah. If you have thin lips you don't like sex. If you have lips all bobbly with cold sores, you probably like it a little too much. Did we need a study to work this out?

Experts believe women with a more prominent tubercle, the middle part of the top lip that points upwards, are getting more fun in bed.

Or they're getting a little rough in bed. It depends if that's a natural lip or one that's had swelling.

His is going to change the way men work when they're trying to pull. You want a woman with a big upper lip. You want Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox, or to be more realistic, a female boxer.

It's a worry because if you focus too much on the lips you could make a mistake. If you look for someone who's this, with long hair and massive lips, you could end up pulling Mick Jagger. You have been warned.

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