The Middle Class Homeless

More bad news today as we are told by The Guardian that "Homelessness could spread to middle class".

A study says that the economic downturn and the government's deep cuts to welfare will drive up homelessness over the next few years. It could get so bad that we will see some middle class people living on the streets.

That's terrible. I don't want to be pestered in the street by middle class homeless people. You'll hear, "Spare any notes mate?" as they'll be above pocket change. And the thing is, if you give them money you know they'll only spend it on red wine and tapas. They're not helping themselves.

And if you live in London, you'll get middle class homeless folk getting on the Tube. As soon as the train leaves the station, so you can't get off, it starts. "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I'm trying to raise enough money... to get into a 4-star hotel for the night."

Yeah, some middle class people will end up living on the streets of London in a cardboard box, but I bet they have a rather nice second cardboard box in the country.


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