Naturists Upset By Huge Erection

Some nudists have been outraged after a tower block overlooking their naturist club has been given the go-ahead.

I don't know why they're upset. Being viewed from above is normally quite flattering. They should be upset if some built a basement flat under them with a sky-light.

It's the White House Club in Warlingham, Surrey, where members (and I use that word advisedly) will be on display. The club's 300 members can swim naked in its 50ft outdoor swimming pool, relax in its sauna or play tennis on its two outdoor courts. Other activities at the five–acre site include table tennis, basketball, badminton and bowls.

Basketball sounds like the best one, because the rules of the game stop anyone from touching you.

Bowls sounds like the worst one, only because of that off being position people get in to release the ball.

David Mason, the director of the club, said: "Our members playing tennis or standing in front of our clubhouse can be overlooked, especially when the screening trees' foliage is down."

Isn't the foliage down in autumn and winter? If it's that cold no wonder they don't want to be seen. Shrinkage!

David added: "We want to see measures put in which preclude overlooking, and protect our environment, which has been a haven of tranquillity and recreation for more than 70 years."

If they have some of the original members still there, I don't think anyone will will be having a crafty look. In many ways I feel sorry for the people who buy a flat before they realise what they can see from their bedroom window.

One of the members, a 26-year-old secretary said: "Not that I'm ashamed of my body, but I don't want any Tom, Dick or Harry staring at me from their windows."

I bet that's exactly what the person in that flat thinks, just without the Tom and Harry part.

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