Bad News For Women

Bad news for UK women today. It's in the news that the women in the UK are the unhealthiest in Europe, they're more likely to develop cancer, as I read in The Guardian today. They say it's due to too much drinking and obesity.

But that's not the really bad news for women. This is...

A new survey says women over 40.... fancy Jeremy Clarkson.

They say it's due to too much drinking and obesity.

Wow. Cataracts are coming in early these days. Seriously, he's your dream?

The Top Gear host came second only to Hugh Laurie's House. Typical women, always thinking of trying to get the house. Oh, I see. That's his characte.... nevermind.

A poll of 1,000 mature single women said Clarkson's height of 6ft 5ins was what made him attractive. Oh come on, if you like tall men put an attractive one on stilts or something.

Eleanor Selley, founder of mature dating site www.footloosedating.co.uk which carried out the survey, says a combination of Clarkson and House would therefore be the ideal for the older lady. She said: "Both men are attractive in their own right, but the idea of rolling the two of them into one sexy package is more than enough to raise a pulse."

Raise my dinner, more like.

So, you'd have a tall grumpy man who hates the people he works with and upsets everyone. That's just Clarkson with stubble.

It seems that the more mature woman really wants to find someone who's grumpy. Or at least find a man who's not grumpy, and see if they can't change that fact.

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