Britain's Mini Heatwave

Time to be stereotypically British and talk about the weather. Hasn't it been nice? The newspapers were saying that, "sweltering Britain was hotter than India."

Why do they do that? It's not like anyone is going to change their plans when they hear it.

"What's that? Hotter than India? Well, I had booked two weeks in Mumbai but I only wanted the good weather, so sod that I'm going to Worthing."

It's interesting that the newspapers picked India. It's almost like they were saying, "It was hotter in England than in India, so the cricketers can't even use that as an excuse!"

I wonder if it ever happens the other way round. Do you think, after a weekend of bad weather the Indian newspapers run with the story, "It's crappier than Birmingham"?

Apparently the hot but humid weather has been ideal for mating flying ants. Great. They freak me out. They're an odd species. They can only try to mate because they can fly. Kind of like middle-aged pilots.

But as much as we have been enjoying the warm weather in the day, it's the warm nights that make us suffer. Sometimes, if it's too warm I sleep in the nude with a fan in the bedroom. So, if you are a fan of my work, email the address above.


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