Now Heather Mills' Phone Was Hacked

Heather Mills phone hackingMore in the phone hacking scandal. Heather Mills has claimed she was hacked by a journalist. Yep, she doesn't like the Mirror now. And with a face like that, who can blame her. Ooooh, cheeky.

Miss Mills told Newsnight that a journalist had caller her and quoted verbatim a message that Sir Paul McCartney had left on her phone, so it must've been hacked.

Well, I think we could all have a good guess about what that message would've said. "Erm, Hi Heather, can I have some of my money back please?"

This latest step in the phone hacking scandal is interesting because it isn't News International, it's the Mirror Group papers. It looks like the then-editor Piers Morgan might get into some hot water over this. And the people of Twitter love it when Morgan gets into trouble.

MPs have called for Piers to return to the UK to face questioning.

Now hang on. We don't like Piers Morgan but we don't actually want him back. Come on, select committee, ever heard of Skype?

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