Sacked For Being British

Sacked For Being BritishThe Express today goes with a story about the workers who claim they were fired 'for being British'.

Gulp! If you can get fired for that our unemployment figures will get much worse.

I stopped to wonder, were they sacked for 'being' British as in they were born in Britain, or were they 'being' British, as in acting like a Brit? Because that second one could get you fired.

If you're being British by drinking tea, tutting or invading countries a lot, I can see how that would get you at least a verbal warning.

It's a cleaning company that has been accused of sacking two workers because they were British. This has prompted a Tory MP to call for parliamentary debate on discrimination against British workers.

Oh, I hope this happens. I can't wait to get in a row with someone and totally block their logical point by saying, "Is it cos I is British, yeah?"

Conservative MP Henry Smith used parliamentary privilege to claim Jani-King, based in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey, fired the duo simply because they were from Britain. Smith said: "I wrote to the company asking for their comments and got a fairly aggressive and evasive reply. So I wrote back and got another fairly aggressive letter threatening legal action."

Hang on. The owner of Jani-King only communicates via sternly worded letters? Now who's 'being' British?

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