Old People Are Wise - The Proof

In the Telegraph today there's a story about how scientists have proved old people are actually wise.

But then you think, "Well, the Telegraph is probably a little biased in this." I'm not saying you have to be old to read the Telegraph but I'm still amazed they use such small print.

The research found the brains of older people are as agile as their younger counterparts. Was this research or did they just watch Countdown for a few days?

Apparently, older people were found to be less bothered by making a mistake and used their brains in a far more efficient way, only engaging certain parts of it at the exact moment that they were required.

So we stop caring about standards and start getting lazier. I'm there already. I must be so wise.

As part of the research the scientists got the subjects to perform tasks where the rules changed as the game went on.

As we get older we get better at doing things where the rules keep changing. Darn it! Why wasn't I older when was rowing with the ex?

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