Naked Woman In A Horse

There is a story in the news of a 21-year-old woman who crawled naked inside the carcass of her dead horse.

I know it's Halloween and we're all looking to save money on our fancy dress costumes, but this is ridiculous.

Her horse wasn't well, and by that I mean it was seriously ill. It wasn't just feeling a little horse. Feeling a lit.... ah, never mind.

So, the woman and her boyfriend decided to kill the horse. I've looked into it and the horse hadn't just changed its will, so I think we're safe to say they were trying to end its suffering.

But then, what do you do with a dead horse? Traditional wisdom has already ruled out flogging it. And remember, there is a recession on, so they decided to eat the meat. Ah, if only eating your pet was the worst party of this story.

The woman of the couple then decided to get naked (you wouldn't want to ruin a blouse) and climb inside the gutted horse to "feel one" with her pet.

The boyfriend should've dumped her if she didn't pause before she climbed in to say, "And I thought they smelled bad... on the outside!"

Then the couple took photos of her soaked in blood. Her Facebook friends were in for a nasty shock that day.

What stupid thing to do. It was sick, heartless and just plain wrong. And a wasted opportunity too. If you're inside the carcass of a dead horse you have to do one of two things.

    1- You hide inside that horse and get yourself delivered to the city of Troy.

    2- You go to the nearest bar and wait till the barman asked, "Why the long face?"

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