War In Europe

I saw the headline today saying that Germany was threatening war on Europe and I thought, "That headline is over 60 years out of date. That's even worse than their usual Princess Diana headlines."

But it turns out it is a new threat that came about after the Eurozone crisis talks. Germany issued a chilling warning that war could again engulf Europe if the economic crisis doesn't get sorted.

I'm assuming it was more of a warning than a threat. But maybe they have a good point. Another World War would sort it out. It would solve the problem of unemployment, excuse a tax increase and afterwards the reparations from German would really help everyone out. And credit where it's due, Germany seem to know how to get gold during wars.

We're in this too. As they say, if Europe gets a cold...

They just tend to leave that phrase there when they use it in the news. I can only imagine the full version is, "If Europe gets a cold the UK has to go out and buy soup and Lucozade."

Eurozone leaders sealed a three-part deal in the hope that the markets would be convinced there had been effective response to the crisis.

This is what it's all about these days, the markets. If the markets don't have confidence, we all suffer. And we're told the markets don't like uncertainly. They respond very badly to uncertainty. I'm starting to think the markets and a little bit 'special'.

It's like Rain Man. It certainly thinks it's a good driver.

So there we have it. We're at the mercy of the 'specials' who run the markets, having to bail out Europe with Lucozade and if we don't Germany will try to kill everyone.

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