Carry On Camping.... at St Pauls

Good news: The Occupy London campaign has caused another resignation. Bad news: It was someone from the church again. For an anti-capitalist protest they seem to be ending the career of a lot of non-financial people.

Dean Graeme Knowles resigned (tut, how many first names does a man need) saying St Paul's Cathedral was "a national laughing stock". You know, like X Factor.

The Rt Rev Graeme Knowles, the Dean of St Paul's, stepped down after becoming ever more isolated in his bid to take legal action to evict the Occupy London activists. Rev Dr Giles Fraser and the Rt Rev Dr Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, also went.

They lost a bishop? Oh dear. If the Occupy London people can get one of their pawns Queened, it's all over.

The latest is that the protesters are being told they have to move their tents or face legal action. The City of London Corporation is expected to serve papers.

This is where we hit a roadblock. Of all the councils in the UK the only one was will be ignored by the anti-capitalists will be the one with "Corporation" in its name.

It was always a strange plan. How will upsetting St Paul's bring down the greed of capitalism? I doubt it would lead to a phone call that goes:

"Hi, Julian? It's Nathan. Yah. Look, I know how we're greedy bankers who are making loads of dosh off the back of others... Yah, I know, cool right? But listen, I was hearing that St Paul's has been put out a bit so I was thinking, maybe we should try communism."

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