Bend It Like Sainsbury's

Sainsbury'sDavid Beckham is teaming up with Sainsbury's. Why not? His Armani underwear ads were blatantly plugging meat and two veg. And by the way, those ads David did were great, promoting Armani socks and pants – the pants he was wearing and the socks he'd shoved down the front.

The supermarket chain says the former England football captain will front its Active Kids campaign and promote its sponsorship of the 2012 Paralympics.

Oooh, hang on a minute. I know David talks a bit funny but I don't think he's eligible to enter the Paralympics. There are clear and precise rules about what makes your allowed to enter the Paralympics, and marrying a Spice Girl doesn't quite make it.

The announcement comes four months after celebrity chef Jamie Oliver said he would step down as the face of the supermarket after Christmas.

I like the idea of this campaign. Childhood obesity is a problem and we all have to do out bit. From now on taking candy from a baby shouldn't get the bad press is has in the past.

But Sainsbury's have lost someone who knows about healthy eating as they gain someone who knows about getting exercise. What they really need is someone who can do both, someone who is a famous chef but who used to play football to a near professional level. What they need for they Active Kids campaign is.... Gordon Ramsay. If nothing else he'd teach them some new words.


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