John Lewis- The (Horror) Movie

Have you seen the new John Lewis Christmas advert? It's another of their ads that's so sickly it makes you want to rop up into a bucket, swallow it, and throw it up again.

It's nearly as bad as their last ad that tries to take credit for our teenage fun just because they sell radios.

In this ad there's a kid who fixates on his 'old school' advent calendar. OCD much? If the camera pulls back I bet you could see all his toys in alphabetical order.

We're made to believe this child can't wait for his presents. We're left thinking, "What a piece of scum. He's all out for himself. He exemplifies exactly what is wrong in society. There should be an Occupy His House protest. The git!" And then we find out he couldn't wait to 'give' a prezzie. Bless. (Rops into a bucket and fetches a spoon.)

Here's the advert...

But it is so much better when it is edited to show what it truly is... disturbing!

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