Immoral Footballers

Two Iranian footballers are facing 74 lashes after an "immoral" goal celebration on the pitch.

Normally if you hear about some footballers getting lashed it just means they enjoyed a drink. Or they enjoyed a drink and some sexual abuse, depending on if they play for Leeds or not.

Footage of the live televised match showed defender Mohammad Nosrati pinching the bottom of Persepolis teammate Sheys Rezaei during a goal celebration against rivals Damash Gilan.

Rezaei is lucky he doesn't play on the same team as John Terry, he pinches more than your bottom, he pinches your missus.

Now Rezaei and Nosrati are facing a flogging, possibly on the pitch where the celebration took place, after a judge said they may have violated public chastity laws.

While I disagree with the judge in this case I think footballers getting flogged could really bring the audiences back to the game. For the money they get paid they should take a good beating and still be grateful.

Judge Valiollah Hosseini called what they did "immoral". If he thinks that's immoral he should see what our footballers get up to.

Over there it's immoral if you pinch another player's bum. Over if, you have an 8-year affair with your sister-in-law, and it's OK.

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