Nudity Makes You Smarter

Looking at naked bodies boosts brain power, according to new research.

Really? That can't be true, or I would be a genius by now.

Scientists in Finland say gazing at nudes activates response regions of the brain and gives it a tune-up.

Hang on. I see what's going on here. They had to think of a way of spending a research grant and they said, "I know. Let's investigate the cognitive effects of checking out nudes."

As far as I know, still no cure for the common cold, but at least our finest minds are looking at boobies.

They said someone looking at a picture of a naked or scantily-clad person processed the image in less than 0.2 seconds, much quicker than the time the brain takes to process a fully-clothed person, and kick-starts the mind.

That's not because the nudity makes you smarter, it's because you want to hurry up before someone walks in and catches you.

I remember when I was taking exams, someone said that listening to classical music made you smarter. So, as I was revising I would listen to Mozart. Little did I know I should've been looking at naked pictures... just like I did when I wasn't revising.

And forget trying to smuggle a calculator into exams. I should've stashed a little naked midget about my person. Tut, you live and learn.

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