X Factor Has Fix Factor

X Factor Has Fix FactorThe Sunday Mirror tells of trouble in the world of X Factor. Technical difficulties took up the first 15 minutes of the show last night. I don't know who "Technical Difficulties" are but I'm sure they'll win the groups section. They were already trending on Twitter more than One Direction.

Also on the show, Amelia Lily was announced as the winner of a public vote to get her back to fill the gap left by Frankie Cocozza. The only trouble with that was, she was announced as the winner of the vote on an official website an hour before phone lines closed.

Some people are saying that means it's all a fix. Well, not necessarily. Maybe the STV website employs Clare Voyants. That's how mobile phones can use predictive texts, you know.

The X Factor-endorsed website put up a long statement congratulating Amelia on her victory over James Michael, Jonjo Kerr and 2 Shoes in the public poll at 8.06pm. The voting lines only closed around 9.17pm. You see, this is what happens when you have to mess around putting clocks back.

The website said: "Amelia Lily is back in The X Factor after winning the public vote tonight." It also said: "As Dermot O'Leary read out her name, mentor Kelly Rowland jumped to her feet screaming as Amelia Lily looked stunned." And it got it right, that is what happened.

Next week at about 7pm I'm logging onto that site to see the results of the 8pm Lottery.

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