Cement In The Butt

A sad story from America of a woman who wanted to work at a nightclub so she went and got some cheap plastic surgery to give her a bigger bottom.

Sadly she didn't end up in the nightclub, because she'd never get that thing through the door.

She found a woman posing as a doctor who filled her buttocks with cement.

And now the victim is worried. Worried? She must be sh*tting bricks!

Oneal Ron Morris, the fake doctor, who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman, apparently performed the bum-home building work on herself.

When you see what the fake doctor looked like you wouldn't assume she was a doctor, you'd think she was shop lifter.

The victim apparently had to get treatment in several hospitals. Wow. How big is that arse that it can't fit in just one hospital?

This whole story came to light after Morris was arrested and charged with practising medicine without a license.

Meanwhile the victim had to have the cement removed from her butt because she didn't have the right planning permission.

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