UK Women Are The Fattest

While The Express goes with the headline, "Victory In New Fight To Quit EU" the Daily Mails shows is why we need to stay in Europe, with the headline...

"UK Women Top Obesity League"

If we pulled out of Europe we'd have to give up that title and I bet those pesky Germans would take over.

And well done to the Daily Mail for being delicate with their wording. Normally the newspapers call it an 'obesity epidemic' which makes it sounds like a horrible disease. But 'obesity league' just makes it sounds like a crap football tournament.

The survey found 23.9% of British women are obese. And that's if you work if out by number of people. If you calculate it by percentage mass it's a lot higher.

Just over a fifth. That means out of ever five women one will be carrying too much weight. It's known as the Geri Halliwell effect.

The statistics also showed British men are not far behind, with 22.1% being classed as obese. The 'Early Gary Barlow' effect.

That means British men are the second fattest in Europe coming in just behind men from Malta, and just in front of the Romanian Women's Olympics team.

The UK stands out as having a particularly serious obesity problem among the younger generation, with 16.6% of the 18-24 age group showing as obese, with the other countries showing less than 11%.

And it's good to see that the Daily Mail are trying to help. They have most of the front page given over to the news story that we're eating ourselves into early grave. And above that story... Jamie Oliver showing us how to cook a turkey that's bigger than his own head.

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