Real Zombies In Mexico

zombies walkA world record attempt was made recently at the Zombie Walk in Mexico City. This is where lots of people dress up as zombies and march across the city. I spotted it on page 34 of the Independent. I hope it got better coverage in the local press because that is not a story you would want to miss.

Imagine, if you didn't realise it was happening, woke up, looked out of the window and saw thousands of zombies on the move. I think you'd need an unscheduled laundry day.

I'd have shot five or six in the head before someone would have a chance to explain it.

9,860 participants joined in by dressing up like the living dead.

If you want to see thousands of people walk across a city looking dead behind the eyes, just get up early on a Saturday morning and see all the 'walks of shame' after Friday's one night stands.

The event is said to celebrate diversity. Oh. I feel really bad now. I was just thinking how zombies kind of all look the same.

New Jersey's Asbury Park currently holds the world record after the US city marched with 4,093 flesh-hanging zombie participants in 2010.

And before that the record for the most un-dead in one place was the House of Lords.

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