The 99p Bra

Big news in the world of lingerie, (don't ask what I was Googling to find this story) as the 99s Store announces it is to start selling bras.

Ah, the 99p Store - for people who say, "Poundland? P*** off, I'm not made of money!"

The discount retailer has said it will start selling the cheap over the shoulder boulder holder in black, white and 'natural' colour. Or "eventually grey" as all of those colours can be called.

The 'silky, satin smooth feel' lingerie, mostly made from polyester, features a decorative bow at the front. Classy. All that's missing is a little pocket for the scratch cards.

In the newspaper they mentioned that this announcement comes days after US lingerie giant Victoria's Secret unveiled a £1.5million, diamond-studded bra to be worn by supermodel Miranda Kerr at its annual fashion show.

As if Victoria is facepalming saying, "What an idiot I am? I could've saved myself £1,499,999.01!"

I went into a 99p Store and, good news, they also sell plasters and first aid kits. You'd need to pick one of those up for yourself if you're buying a 99p bra for your missus as a Christmas present.

Go on, I dare you. And write on the card, "99p Store - because I'm worth it!"

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