Andy Murray Suffers Tennis Bum

Andy Murrey hurts his bumFavourite headline of the day: Tennis star Andy Murray injures bum while sleeping.

Of course you did, Andy. We'll believe you. I don't know why he doesn't just admit it, he got drunk at a party, got all experimental... we've all done it.

He's had to pull out of a tennis tournament because of is bumcake-malady. I guess it's like when you pull a bit of skin by your thumbnail, you then notice how much you do with your hands. It's not till you have pulled your bum that you realise how much you do with it.

The British number one said: "Maybe I was sleeping in a bad position." Next to one of The Sisters from Shawshank Redemption?

I feel sorry for Murray though. Not because he's missing out on the next tournament, but because if this injury plays up again in the future how is he going to refer to it? If you have a weak knee you say you have a bum knee. If you have recurring elbow injury you say you have a bum elbow.

If Andy tries to use the same pattern they'll think he's doing a Basil Brush impression.

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