Gary Glitter's Sex Quiz

The Sun goes with "Glitter's 10-hour Sex Quiz", which sounds like one of the worst TV shows Channel Five has ever made.

Gary Glitter was arrested this weekend by police investigating the Jimmy Savile scandal. The rumours are that Gary Glitter and Jimmy Savile were working together in their own sex ring. We should've guessed. Gary even told us about his "gang".

I'm in my thirties, so all of these stories are ruining my childhood memories. It's nothing in comparison to what the people affected by this went through, but when I look back I feel that my wholesome memories were fake. Next we'll find out that Danger Mouse was a nonce. We were never told the story behind why he had to wear an eye patch. Vigilantes?

Button Moon always seemed a bit dodgy. Mr Spoon was good at getting out of town pretty sharpish.

Bananaman's basic take-home message was, "Eat this and you'll stop being a boy and start being a real man."

I don't remember much about Pigeon Street but it was before the days when you could go to a website to see if any wrong 'uns were living there.

And worst of all, ITV's Knightmare. That was the show where a strange man with a beard put a helmet on a child, so the child couldn't see what was going on, and that child then had to follow any instruction he was given.

And Noggin the Nog? Oh, please.

So, all of my childhood memories are now sullied. Well, some shows are still OK. I remember watching The Krankies, and as long as the old bloke never shagged Wee Jimmy I'll be OK.

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