The Bristol Pound

Just when you thought nothing could make the Euro look like a good currency... The Bristol Pound has been launched.

Organisers hope currency will encourage shoppers to buy locally, and it could really work because you can only spend it locally, to the rest of the country it's just funny looking paper.

It's not all shops that have joined in with the scheme, so if someone gives you a Bristol Pound you can only use it in a few places. It's basically like getting a gift voucher for your birthday.

"Happy birthday. I didn't know what to get you, so I've just ruled out where I don't want you shopping. "

The £B1 note isn't the first scheme of its kind, a scheme where something else is used instead of proper legal pounds. It joins the Totnes pound , the Lewes pound and cigarettes in prison.

The Scottish pound is actually legal tender and no one wants that, so the concept of a Brizzle pound is a stretch.

Some people have got behind the idea though. Like Lynn Andres, from Guy Fawkes Hair & Beauty, who said the Bristol Pound is not a gimmick and will bring new custom to her premises, saying the city needed to fight back after a mall heavily populated with chain stores opened recently.

Wow. When a woman who names her business after Guy Fawkes says she wants to fight you, it's time to worry.

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