Women's Perfect Day

A study has looked at what would make up a woman's ideal day, for some reason. The perfect day breaks down like this.

8 hours of uninterrupted sleep (That means no snoring, right? That's already a fail.)

106 minutes of 'intimate relations' (A whole 106 minutes!? Surely that's 100 minutes of begging and 6 minutes of actually doing it.)

98 minutes of spending time on the computer (Ah, so that's how you get in the mood for the 8 minutes of intimate relations.)

82 minutes socialising (That means Twitter, right?)

78 minutes relaxing (That means Twitter on the phone while lying down, right?)

68 minutes exercising (Well, 8 minutes of that is already covered in the 'intimate relations' part, if you're doing it right.)

57 minutes talking on the phone (Just the one phone call then, right ladies?)

56 minutes of shopping (Although if you have to buy something in the Post Office, 54 of that will be spent in the queue.)

36 minutes working (You only want to do 36 minutes of work in a whole working day? In that case, get a job in the Post Office.)

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