The Purple Way To Pull

Men are most likely to pull a woman if they are wearing a purple, according to a new study.

New study? Was it done this summer? The women probably think purple means you're an Olympics volunteer.

They asked 2,000 women what colour shirt would make them consider dating a man. That's a survey? It sounds more like desperate conversation when the chemistry just isn't there. It should be followed by chitchat about A roads.

36% of women would go for a purple shirt wearer, but only 6% would go for a man in a pink shirt. Information like this is useless at best. But at worst, someone actually tries to use it. It means most guys will be turning up to singles nights wearing purple. It'll be like the singles events are sponsored by Cadbury's. And I assume the women who go there already know about chocolate.

A third of women said they had demanded their partner change what they wore due to "embarrassment". Remember, this is a recent survey, so the effect of snoods might have skewed the stats.

And finally, 10% of women said they had destroyed clothes because they hated them. Now this is good information. If those men at the singles events can make the women hate their tops and bras...

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