Get Better Sleep [Sleep Expert Interview]

A single bedA new study says that we're not getting enough sleep. I am. I fall to sleep all the time. But that's because I read new studies about things like this.

It's worrying, because we need sleep. Without it we get grumpy and moan all the time and we bored people and we show them endless photos. You know, like when you meet up with an old friend who has just had a baby.

The same research also looked specifically at what people kept on their bedside tables - 40% of us go to bed with a glass of water, a third go to bed with their phone next to their head and 16% keep lubricant to hand.

Wow. What were they planning on doing with that phone!?

We also learn from the research that the older we get the more likely we are to sleep naked. It didn't say if that was a choice or just forgetfulness.

Anyway, we'd all like to get better sleep, so I thought I'd speak to an exert on this. I was lucky enough to get to interview sleep expert Sammy Margo. If you want to hear it, use the player below...

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