The UK Has A New Squirrel

The UK Has A New SquirrelIn squirrel news: A new type of squirrel has been found in the UK, the brunette squirrel.

The brunette squirrel is actually the fourth type of squirrel we have in Britain. That means squirrels could do their own version of Sex And The City. There's a brunette one, a red haired one, a third one and a big American one who's grey and is always after some nuts.

The new type can be identified by its size, it's colouring and the fact it has a lot less fun than any blonde squirrels.

There isn't a blonde one of course. There's a native red one, the American grey one, and the third one is the black squirrel that should really make the grey one feel guilty for what they did.

And we can now add to that a brunette one. The brunettes are a subtype of Britain's native red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, which is now confined to small areas with only an estimated 120,000 remaining. It's because the grey one came over here from American and that killed the British ones off. Or as the grey squirrels called it, "friendly fire".

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