Pusher Film Premiere [Red Carpet Interview]

Mr Steve N Allen at the Pusher premiereI was at the premiere of the new film Pusher. (If you want to read my review of Pusher look here.) It's the story of a drug dealer in London who thinks his life is going OK, till a few things go wrong, and that starts a chain of events that get very very bad for him.

The cast and crew were there, as you can see from the pictures...

And I got to have a chat with some of them. Have a listen in a player below...

Or downloads the mp3 here

There's a lot in this one, so here's a list of who I spoke to and what time that bit of audio starts.

Nicolas Winding Refn 00:09
Luis Prieto 01:12
Zlatko Buric 05:22
Richard Coyle 06:56
Bronson Webb 10:24
Mem Ferda 11:59
Agyness Deyn 14:35

Paul Kaye is in the film too, but if you don't turn up to a London premiere when you live just round the corner you don't get a mention on my little website. He'll cope, I'm sure.

Pusher is released in the UK on October 12th 2012.

Hear details of the red carpet premiere when I appear on the Sunny and Shay Show on BBC London 94.9 Saturday (13th) after 8pm, and read my full review here.


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