QVC Presenter Faints Live On TV

Shop till you drop. I thought I knew what that phrase meant but here's a new take on it.

A QVC presenter in America fainted live on air. While trying to sell an Android tablet for children, QVC brought in a mother and technology expert to help explain why it would be such a good purchase. What could possibly go wrong? Here's the video.

Here it is on YouTube

Not that I have watched this over and over again, but I have analysed the action down to the second. I invite you to watch it again with my helpful guide below.

Firstly, it doesn't start to get good till about 1:07 in. The first part was so dull I nearly passed out too.

1:08 The male presenter, Dan Wheeler, points out that Cassie Slane is a busy mommy of three. That's it, get the excuse in early.

1:15 Her "hmm mmm" says so much.

1:25 First slur of a word.

1:28 She puts the electronic device down. How's that for safety first?

1:29 Second slur. He's thinking she's one of those "drinking mommies of three".

1:31 Ah, lean on the desk, that'll save ya.

1:33 Slapping the right boob is the international sign language for "help" you know.

Here's my favourite bit...

1:36 Dan caringly says, "Are you OK?"

1:37 He moves out of her way as she falls. Oh, what a gent. His words are nice but if he thinks you're going to get make up on his new suit, you're on your own luv.

1:40 He just goes right on selling. She's just headbutted an Android tablet display but he's got commission to earn.

1:45 The sound of Dan moving Cassie off his table?

2:22 Dan says: "We'll get Cassie's mic working again." Like that was the problem. I've had mics fail on me before and it's never made me slap my moob and do a face plant.

2:32 Sound of Cassie being dragged out of the shot?

2:39 He's back.

3:11 Who let the drunk back in?

3:20 Cassie: "This is a kid browser." Not like that, Savile!

3:37 First signs she's not done yet.

3:44 Cassie says your kids are "safe" with this tablet computer. Really? Because there's a chance it just overloaded your neural network.

3:56 I'm not sure what she says but I think it's heading towards, "I love you, you know, *hic* cos you're my besh pal."

3:59 Dan swaps hands so he can be ready for the next dive.

4:10 You made a good point there Cassie. I'm sold. Where do I buy one?

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