The Banks That Like To Say, "Damn It!"

This is one of my favourite headlines. "Banks Hit By 7,000 Complaints Every Day"

That's just shocking. I'm not shocked that we have rubbish banks. But we have a rubbish postal service. 7,000 letters get through every day! Bloody hell.

The banks have been criticized for poor service and giving bad advice. I think the bigger problem is that if they send you a letter to let you know you have done something wrong, they charge you £30.

We send them 7,000 letters a day telling them what they have done wrong. That's £21,000 a day. £76,650,000 a year they owe us. Still, it would be £76,650,000 of our money so it seems pointless.

To make it a little more even, the next time I write them a letter of complaint I'll do it with a pen that's chained to my own desk. See how they like that.


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