Rooney Holiday Update

According to the Daily Star Wayne Rooney has splashed out £2,000-a-night on a hotel room while he's been on holiday and £25 on chicken nuggets.

That is an expensive nugget. Still, the last time he spent money on some cheap bird she went to the newspapers.

They went to Dubai to celebrate his 25th birthday. But you know what they say, you're as old as the woman you feel. So when he gets near a brothel he's eligible for a Freedom Pass.

Meanwhile The Sun reports that while on holiday Wayne and Coleen have been rowing.

He's probably in a bad mood because he won't be enjoying that holiday. Because of his recent indiscretions he won't be able to do what most men do on holiday with their partner; wear sunglasses and look at other women.

It's not being unfaithful because you're only looking. It doesn't break the "why go out for a burger when you can stay at home and have steak" rule. But sometimes, it's nice to look at the burger menu.

Basically, you go on holiday, wear shades and sit there checking out the buns.

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