The Chilean Mine Theme Park?

You thought the Star Wars merchandising was bad, the Chilean mine disaster now has spin-off ideas. The front page of The Star suggests the mine where the men were trapped for 69 days will re-open as a theme park.

Really? If you want to pay over the odds to get stuck a few miles down in cramped conditions with other people sat listening to their iPods... travel on the Piccadilly Line.

The one good thing about this idea is that it was called the San Jose mine, so when you ask for directions you'd get to sing it.

We're going mad for this story. I also saw in the paper that since the rescue the number of bottles of Chilean wine we have been buying has shot up as people have been celebrating with Chile-themed parties.

That's typical of us. We follow some other country's culture at the drop of a hat. They got 33 miners out of that mine - big whoop! Let's not forget, Margaret Thatcher got all the miners out of our mines when she shut them down. Anyone for an 80s-themed party instead?


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