Strictly Come Again

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Peter Shilton says he'll have to up his game if he wants to avoid an early exit on the show. The former England goalkeeper says he'll be well prepared for his salsa because his dance partner Erin Boag's a lot like legendary manager Brian Clough.

What? A drunk northerner with a big red nose. She's not Kim Marsh!

It's not polite to compare a woman to Brian Clough. If that's how footballers talk to women no wonder Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney had to pay for sex.

Peter Shilton was a great keeper so I hope he stays in the TV show. I hope he gets to the stage where he has to catch his partner. His old reflexes will kick in and he'll catch her with style. But the same reflexes will make him take a step forwards and kick her to the half-way line.


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