The Chilean Miners Come Out

It's been a great day of TV. I've watched the none-stop coverage of the Chilean miners' rescue. I haven't seen this many people who look like they have just been dug up since I watched Last Of The Summer Wine.

You know how the TV signals go out into space? If aliens are watching they'll be thinking, "Those Earthlings are weird. They don't give birth to their young they dig them up."

They were basically using a one-man lift to pull the trapped miners out. It means it has been taking about an hour to bring each person out.

Still, it's better than having to spend an hour with someone else in the lift with you. They'd have a musac version Girl From Ipanema playing and someone would probably break wind and you wouldn't know who to blame.

So far they have all come out OK and they seem healthy. However, the best story from the newspapers is this one from the Telegraph.

"Chile miners rescue: miner asks wife and mistress to greet him"

Ouch! Looks like it won't be long till he's back underground.

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