Brand & Perry Do A Beckham

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have reportedly taken some wedding inspiration from Posh and Becks.

What, he's going to give it a few years and then start text-flirting with his PA?

No, the couple, who are to marry this weekend, are apparently going to be sitting on giant thrones.

Erm, maybe they're taking inspiration from, I don't know, THE QUEEN!

Let's not live in a world where people think the Beckhams invented the thrown.

I like the idea of picking a fancy chair to sit on for a wedding. Firstly, it's better than standing up through the ceremony and secondly, if you get to pick the type of chair, I'm going to have a big Jimmy Savile chair. And when they say, "Do you have the ring?" I'd press a button and it would come out of the arm.


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