Larger Women Express Themselves

From the front page of the Express, we're not talking about a tax that will make well off people pay a little bit more (oh, the suffering) or the 'storm over X Factor' (as if one singer called Cher with a weird face wasn't enough). We're not even going to talk about the news story on the top left of the front page that mentioned British sportsmen and the word 'snatch' (hardly a surprise).

Look at the top right. The Express promised to tell is "Why Curvy Women Can Live Longer".

Just guessing here but is it because they're less likely to get an STD?

It's an odd story for the front page. It's clearly not big news so the Express only put it there because they thought larger women would see it and want to buy their paper to find out more. Clever marketing.

Or is it? That headline is really saying, "Are you someone who is carrying more weight than you want to? Do you feel down about your size? Envious of thinner women? Bad luck, you have to suffer with that for longer."

Newsagents probably didn't sell more copies of The Express but the sales of Galaxy chocolate bars went through the roof.


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