Seasonal Bomb Terror Threat

Many people have been celebrating Halloween. It's a strange holiday, where we dress our kids up and teach them how to take sweets from strangers. It's like a home delivery service for kiddie-fiddlers.

And it's too American. The proper British thing to celebrate at this time of year is Guy Fawkes Night. And some people are keeping with tradition. Just the other day someone tried to blow up an aeroplane.

First there was the shoe bomber and after that if we wanted to fly we had to take off our shoes. Then came the pant bomber and after that we had to take off our pants. (I go to a very disreputable airport.)

And now someone tried to blow up a plane with a printer cartridge. Great, now if we want to fly we'll have to take off our printers. And that's a shame because when I check in online I always forget to print off the boarding pass.

It wasn't the first ink cartridge to fill people with terror. Have you seen the price of the Lexmark ones!


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