Britain Wins Gold

Britain Wins GoldBritain has finally won gold at the London Olympics.

I nearly missed it. I was watching the synchronised diving. Or to give it its official name, "Women's Badminton."

If you don't know what happened with that, some of the women's teams had already qualified for the next round and if they lost the second heat they would get the easier picks in the next round. So they threw the games. If they needed someone who could lose and make it look good they should've asked me. OK, I would've looked like a bloke dressed as a woman, but so many of these female athletes do.

South Korea head coach Sung Han-kook admitted his two pairings attempted to throw their matches against China's world champion duo and the Indonesians, but said it was in retaliation against the Chinese team. "The Chinese started this. They did it first," Sung told reporters through an interpreter.

That seems odd. China has been fighting hard to win so far this Olympics. The Chinese female athletes have been doing very well. It makes you wonder how much better they would've done if they let more of the girl babies live.

But anyway, back to the UK. A while back there was a problem with Olympic security, so the organisers called in the army. Then there was a scandal over the empty seats, so they called in the army to fill them. Then we miss out on gold till Heather Stanning, who's in the army, won one. It makes the cuts troop numbers really cheeky.

Heather Stanning was teamed with Helen Glover and they took gold in the women's pairs before a screaming crowd of 25,000, including Princes William and Harry, and many more glued to television screens.

I was watching. OK, it was because I read "women's pair" in the listings. It didn't do what it said on the tin.

Add to that Bradley Wiggins taking gold in the cycling and we are back on form.

It was great to see Wiggins racing on his bike through the streets of Surrey. Seeing bikes not in the velodrome but actually on roads makes them seem like normal cyclists. And you can see these bike go zooming through even when the traffic lights are on red. Yep, just like normal cyclists.

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