The £185 Paper Bag

The £185 Paper BagI've found the only thing that could make us use bags for life. A fashion label has made a paper bag that will cost £185.

Why would you spend that much money on a paper bag, unless you're trying to impress someone. And how can you impress someone with a paper bag? Get one out while you're chatting someone up and they'll think it means they're ugly.

HER: "Do you expect me to wear that?"
HIM: "No! It's for me."
HER: "In case my bag falls off? Charming!"

Fashion label Jil Sander has included a paper bag as part of its autumn/winter collection for 2012. Last year, the designer menswear label sold an acetate shopping bag as part of the spring/summer 2011 collection, which sold out within days. Oh, so acetate bags are so last year. Good to know.

This year the bag is made of coated paper with stitched seams. The irony is, when you buy it they'll probably put it in a paper bag for you to carry home.

At nearly £200 for a paper bag I'd hope it comes with instructions of how to do the Eric Morecambe trick when you catch an invisible ball.

At a time when people are losing their jobs, some may lose their homes and pensions are seeing their money cut, spending such money on nothing but a paper bag makes me sick. And I know what I want to be sick into. Could you pass me a paper bag?

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