The Worst Place To Fall Asleep

I've fallen asleep in some strange places before. In a rickshaw, on the Pennines, and in a move that nearly got me sacked, live on radio. (Blame Justin Timberlake, it was a flippin' long song.) But a man in the news has totally beaten me hands down.

Airport officials in Rome found a man asleep on the luggage carousel in Terminal 3. What was he doing there? Was he confused and he was waiting for his baggage to pick him up?

The reason they found him was because they spotted a human-shaped thing going through the baggage x-ray scanners. I hope they spotted him on the first time round because if he was irradiated every time he did a lap, the picture above might not be the scan. Maybe that's how he looks now. I haven't seen anything that bad since a friend at school over-dosed on Ready Brek.

The man was a 36-year-old Norwegian national who was believed to have been drinking heavily. No kidding. But it's interesting how we judge the level of drunkenness by things that carry luggage. Most of us go out and just get trolleyed. He got luggage carouselled.

Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Maybe he's got the right idea. The number of times I've flown somewhere and my luggage has ended up at a different airport. At least doing things like this guy you'd end up in the same place.

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