Cheryl's A Car Crash Victim

Oh no. Cheryl Cole was in a car crash. And this time that doesn't mean her in the American version of X Factor.

She was at a McDonald's at 3am with Will.i.am when the prang happened. Already that's not the start of a good story. If you're going to McDonald's at 3 in the morning you're probably going to be on The Jeremy Kyle Show within the year.

Will was driving and smacked into a parked car. It's because he's a judge on The Voice isn't it? He has his chair facing the wrong way. You're a health and safety nightmare Will.

It wasn't a high-speed crash but Cheryl did smack her nose. As she flew back to Britain she had her arm in a sling. That's an unusual treatment for a nosebleed, but whatever.

Fair play though, poor old Cheryl did end up with blood all down her front. Either that or she'd asked for extra tomato ketchup sachets.

The worrying thing is that some people confuse me with Cheryl Cole. She's the one that's had an accident that wasn't her fault but it was me who got a text yesterday saying I could claim.

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