A Chocolate Teapots That's Useful

You know that phrase, "It's as useless as a chocolate teapot". Well, you need a new phrase now. Some scientists have made a teapot out of chocolate that actually works.

It's not perfect because you can only leave the tea in it for about two minutes and you can't stir it, but it will make a drinkable, if rather chocolatey, cuppa.

Well now I'm confused. If chocolate teapots actually are useful maybe we need to reassess some of the other phrases. Maybe farts are welcome in spacesuits. Maybe a screen door is handy on a submarine, we simply don't know now. I feel sorry for all those bears who have no idea where they are supposed to be shitting. And the Pope must be at least a little worried he's got a circumcision in his future.

The key is to use a dark chocolate which has a higher melting point than milk chocolate, and you build the teapot in layers to form thermal insulation. You can brew for 2 minutes and if you don't stir the melted chocolate on the inside of the pot doesn't move into the bulk of the tea. It took a team of expert engineers to work on solving this. I mean, they could've worked on solving the looming energy crisis or issues of hygiene in areas where Ebola is rampant, or car safety, or reducing the amount we put into landfill each year. But they didn't. They made a chocolate teapot.

Still, even though we can't say "it's as useless as a chocolate teapot" any more we have found a new phrase you can use in its place. "It's about as useless as a team of researchers."

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