Would You Want A Burger That Looks Like This

Ever wanted to know what fast food looks like in hell? Me neither, but I'd guess it would look like the new black burger from Burger King.

It's the perfect meal for anyone who likes food so well done it was finished cooking before you even walked into the restaurant. It has the look of crime scene evidence rather than food but it's the latest thing on offer. It even comes with charcoal cheese. I didn't even know you could milk charcoal let alone make cheese from that milk.

I don't know why you'd want a black burger, that comes with black cheese, a black bun and black sauce, but then I'm not a hungry goth, but it's only on sale in East Asia. It's called the Kuro Burger and it was originally launched in 2012, and by the look of it they're still serving from that first batch. It's so successful they've launched two different types.

If you can't afford to fly there to try it just come and sample my home cooking. It might not taste the same but it sure has the same look.

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